Why should you use an Independent Insurance Agency rather than go direct with your carrier? Continue reading to find the answer and learn some of the most common misconceptions about insurance agents and how it will affect you as the consumer.

Speak with a real human!

How many times have you made a call to some big agency and all you get is an automatic response telling you, “Thank you for calling! Your time is important to us! Please hold for the next available representative”? If your time was so important to them, don’t you think they would have a real person for you to talk too, not some machine? And for that matter, wouldn’t you rather know who you are speaking too, not just get the next person who has time for you?humansvsrobots-large

An independent agency like Truyman Haase Zahn Insurance will have access to multiple agents who are ready to speak with you immediately. They will take the time to get to know you and earn your trust. After all, trust is an important part of any working relationship and for insurance purposes, you are trusting your agent to make sure you have coverage when life throws you a curve ball.


“Do It Yourself” is convenient…BUT DANGEROUS!

With today’s technology, consumers are drawn to the convenience of “Do It Yourself” direct quoting online. The ddiyproblem with direct quoting is that most consumers are not experts in insurance and risk management. Too often we see policies with low limits because the consumer wanted lower prices, but what they don’t realize is that they are giving up coverage for that lower price. Not only that, but most consumers don’t really know what the coverage they are paying for really gets them…for example: uninsured motorist coverage – this is not for those people who don’t have insurance; it is for the insured when they get into an accident with someone who doesn’t have insurance. It is for YOU not THEM!

The other problem with direct quoting is that you only get a quote from one carrier at a time. If the consumer is shopping for lower prices, the time spent quoting online with every available carrier could take WEEKS even MONTHS! Independent agencies represent anywhere from five to 20 different carriers that they can quote all at once to get you the best coverage for the lowest rates.

imagesJ8VN5LR7The Independent Agent – a trusted adviser

Independent Agencies are more like consultants than salespeople. Because of the relationships independent agents form with their clients, they are able to give advise on what coverage is needed and what coverage is not worth the premium. This is especially important for homeowners because, for example, it’s common for consumers to question the dwelling coverage on their policy. Take a new home buyer, for example: they purchase a home for $150,000 but their insurance policy covers the dwelling for $180,000. What consumers don’t realize is that in the event of a total loss, there are other expenses to consider when re-building their home. Things like debris removal, construction and labor costs as well as the materials are not included in the sale of their home but would need to be considered if a loss occurred. Your independent agent would be able to help you determine what you should insure your home at.

If you are still questioning if contacting an independent insurance agent is still a good idea, please reach out to us at 920-833-6871. We would be happy to discuss with you what options we can offer and why it is important for you!thz-logo