Milk Hauler

Wisconsin Milk Hauler’s Insurance Program – Milk haulers provide a unique variety of services unlike those of any other business.  Because of the specialized nature of these services, typical insurance programs often do not adequately cover this special field.  We have developed products to specifically address the needs of “farm to market” milk haulers.  We are staffed with claims and loss control specialists familiar with the special requirements of Wisconsin Milk Haulers.  THZ Insurance understands the need for timely service and sensitivity to local concerns.  For those reasons, the Wisconsin Milk Haulers Program is offered to our customers through independent insurance agents in your communities.  To receive further information or request a quote, contact us today!

Coverage Features
With a wide range of standard and optional coverages, Our Wisconsin Milk Haulers Insurance Program fits the diverse needs of your business.

Coverages offered include:

1. Property Coverage for your buildings and business personal property.

2. Cargo Coverage is available for milk, special coverage to reflect the unique characteristics of transporting milk. Coverage does extend to contamination and spoilage caused by a change in temperature after being loaded and contamination caused by a foreign substance from within the insureds’ milk tank truck.

3. Truckers Auto Coverage offers protection for commercial vehicles driven by you or your employees. Special coverage extensions are available with the commercial auto amendment for Wisconsin milk haulers. Major features of the endorsement are:

  • Includes employees as insured
  • Deletes the fellow employee exclusion
  • Provides towing and labor costs
  • Includes up to $500 for loss of personal property of others
  • Enhanced comprehensive coverage
  • Provides pollution liability – broadened coverage for covered autos
  • Comprehensive coverage does eliminate the deductible for deer hits and windshield claims (first dollar coverage.)
  • Comprehensive does extend to implosion of the tank unit.
  • Rental reimbursement coverage available.
  • Motor carrier filings are made either electronically or by fax.

4. Workers’ Compensation Coverage includes statutory protection to cover medical expenses and compensation to workers for income lost as a result of injuries sustained on the job.
5. Umbrella Coverage offers broad high limit protection.