New things are coming in 2019, and you are the first to hear about it!

Our main focus of 2019 is to improve the customer service experience we are able to offer our clients. With many options available to us, our management team has decided to start with the following items and then seek feedback from our clients. If you would like to provide us feedback, contact information is provided at the bottom of this page! 

  • Agency Transparency: as an agency, we want to be as transparent as possible to our clients and provide them with as relevant insurance information to make educated decisions about your personal and business insurance. We thought the best way to do this was to start a Quarterly Newsletter that would allow us to provide our clients with agency updates and brief educational notes for those seeking relevant insurance information. Our first newsletter was sent out in December 2018. If you did not receive it but wish to in the future, please contact our office at 920-833-6871 or email us at

  • Renewal Review Letters for personal lines customers: We are starting the process of reviewing all of our customers’ accounts. As we work through our customers, we will be sending review letters out about 30 days prior to their renewal. We anticipate this process will take a year or two to complete. 

    This letter will prompt our customers to think about changes in their lives that may or may not affected their insurance policy. Some things to think about may include:

    • Have you done any updates to your home in the last year?
    • Do you have any new pets that we should know about?
    • Do you have any new drivers or changes to the members of your household?
    • Do you currently operate any business out of your home?
  • Agent AssignmentsWe know that most people don’t like being treated like a number, so we have made an effort to provide more consistent service to our clients by assigning a specific servicing agent to each account. Our hope is by doing this, our agents will be able to familiarize themselves with their clients and provide more personalized service.

We encourage all clients to send feedback to our office manager, Tara Mondloch, at: Please put “Client Feedback” in the subject line – we look forward to hearing your ideas and preferences!

Sample topics for feedback emails:

  • what insurance topics would you like more information on?
  • did you hear about a new coverage that you would like more info on?
  • do you want to be added to our email list?
  • do you have suggestions about other services you would like to see from our agency?